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1. Every club is responsible for the conduct of its players, coaches and fans. FIFA rules will be followed except as modified below.

 2. Roster and Registration

a.      Roster size is limited to 14 players for the U8, U10 and U12 age groups. Roster size is 18 players for all other age groups. Each roster may include a maximum of three (3) guest players. U12 will play 8v8, U10 will play 6v6 and U8 will play 4v4. All other age groups will play 11v11.

b.     A USYSA league stamped roster with player jersey numbers and player passes must be submitted at registration on Friday evening. Player passes may be requested by the referee before each game and must be available for tournament representative review when requested.

c.      Failure to present a valid player pass will result in player disqualification for the tournament, and the team will forfeit all games in which the ineligible player participated.

 3. Prior To Game Time:

a.      Teams assemble on opposite halves of the same side of the field 10 minutes before the end of the preceding game.

b.     Teams warm up outside the field of play while captains meet at mid-field for the coin toss.

c.      Visiting teams have their choice of jersey in the event of a color conflict.

 4. Duration of Play:

 a. U19 Boys U19 Girls 50-minute games (25 minute halves, 5 minute half time)

    U17 Boys U17 Girls “

    U16 Boys U16 Girls “

    U14 Boys U14 Girls “

    U12 Boys U12 Girls “

b. U10 Boys* U10 Girls* 40 minute games (20 minute halves, 5 minute half time)

    U8 Coed* “

c. If the goal differential in any game becomes six (6), the game will end at that point and will be

declared a complete game regardless of duration.

 5. Forfeits:


a.     Only with and extreme and unusual circumstance and prior approval will the tournament committee allow a team to forfeit a game and remain in the tournament. Under no circumstance will any team be allowed more than one forfeit.

b.     A Team must field a minimum of seven (7) dressed players at game time or forfeit the game.

c.      Any team walking off the field prior to match completion is disqualified from the tournament and their remaining matches will be considered forfeits. No refunds will be issued.

 6. Substitutions:


a.      May be made only with the referee’s permission during a play stoppage for ANY throw-in, any goal kick, any goal, any injury or at halftime.

b.     The departing player (s) must be off the field before the new player(s) can enter.

 7. Fouls and Misconduct:


a.      Any player or coach receiving a red card will be ejected from that game, cannot be replaced and is also suspended from participation in their next match. For gross misconduct, the tournament committee may suspend the person(s) involved for the balance of the tournament.

b.     A Player receiving a yellow card must be replaced at the time of the infraction. The offending

a.      player may not reenter the game until a legal substitution can be made.

 8. Scoring:


a.      Win = 3 Points Tie = 1 Point Loss = 0 Points

b.     In the event of a forfeit, the winning team will be awarded a 3-0 win and receive 3 points.

c.      Ties in the standings at the end of Saturday’s competition will be broken down as follows:

i.                 Head to Head competition: The winner will be placed ahead (if two teams are tied)

ii.               Goal Differential: The team with the greatest positive goal difference (goals scored versus

b.     Goals against with a maximum differential of 3 in any one game) will be placed ahead.

iii.             Goals against: The team that allowed the fewest goals against will be placed ahead.

iv.             Goals scored: The team with the most goals scored will be placed ahead

v.               Coin Flip

c.      Standings after Saturday’s competition will determine Sunday’s game schedule.

d.     Tie breakers for Sunday’s Preliminary, Quarterfinal, Semi final and Final games will be determined by :

i.                 Two 5-minute overtime periods,  followed by penalty kicks


9. Mercy Rule – a goal differential of 6 in any game, the game ends at that point. Unless the coaches agree to continue playing, but the score remains the same. This mercy rule DOES NOT Apply to U23’s.

 10. Tournament Committee

 Decisions of the tournament committee are final and no protests will be allowed.


a.      The tournament committee reserves the right to shorten, terminate or cancel any game.

b.     If a final game is terminated, then the following steps will determine the tournament champion:

i.                 If the game is terminated before halftime, co-champions will be declared.

ii.               The game is terminated during halftime or later, the team that is leading will be declared the

c.      Champion. If a tie exists, co-champions will be declared.

 11. Any player(s) receiving a caution must be replaced at the time of the infraction. The offending player (s) may not re-enter the game until such time that a legal substitution may be made.

a. In the U23 game, any player(s) receiving a caution that player(s) sits out a full 2 minutes and the team plays short for those two minutes.

 * U8 and U10 are non-result oriented play (participation awards)

 Additional U23 Rules:

 Substitutions: May enter game at anytime the ball is out of play with permission of the referee.

Yellow card results in the player sitting out for 2 minutes and the team playing down for those 2 minutes.